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505 Broadway Ave. Seaside, California 93955
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  This year, 2022, should be a great year here at the Seaside, Sand City, Del Rey Oaks, and Monterey Chambers of Commerce. The main reason is our new Independent Account Executive Butch Adams. Butch is a lifelong resident of Seaside and is a very interesting man. With help from Butch, the Seaside, Sand City Del Rey Oaks and Monterey Chambers of Commerce has plans to not only grow, but, at the same time offer more benefits to our many members. We would love for you to be a member.

  In 1944 the Seaside Chamber of Commerce was born. Quite some years ago the City of Sand City was added, thus, the  Seaside - Sand City Chamber of Commerce was formed. In June of 2014, the creation, licensing and fictitious name filing of the Del Rey Oaks Chamber of Commerce, the Sand City Chamber of Commerce and the Monterey Chamber of Commerce was done. The operation of the Monterey Chamber of Commerce was put on hold until May 1st, 2015.

  Working under 1 roof, 4 Chambers of Commerce are in the business of promoting and helping our business members.