To play Chamber Bingo it'sFREE&EASY!
All you have to do is 'click' each of the '6' Purple links below
and scroll down each one until you find the special Bingo
Game 'code' number and the position they belong in
until you end up with the special '6' digit code number.

Using the contact form below the '6' Purple links, please fill out
the required fields especially the '6' digit code. Click Submit.
Once we receive the form with the correct Bingo code number
we will email you back with '2' Bingo cards and a 'link' that will take you to our special page with 25 randomly picked Bingo numbers, '5' for each B I N G O letter. There will also be a
description of what a Bingo is and a list of prizes and
the time frame of each Bingo game.