Broadway Verses Obama Way

From the desk of General Manager Jim Vossen

A little over 10 years ago, a small group of citizens

requested of the Seaside City Council to rename Broadway Avenue to Obama Way in honoring the first African/American to be elected President of the United States. The group did not get what they had requested. Instead, the Seaside City Council agreed that if the group could raise the funds, the City of Seaside would allow them to place signs under existing Broadway Avenue signs.

The 'Obama Way' signs would 'only' be considered to be commemorative signs 'only' and not to be considered to be replacements of the Broadway Avenue signs. What has seemed as a good and harmless idea has caused various and some serious problems. First of all, the Obama Way signs were not mounted 'below' the Broadway Avenue signs. They were mounted on 'top' of the Broadway Avenue signs, which has added to confuse things.

Even though the City of Seaside said that the Post Office would recognize both street names, that is not true. About three years ago I mailed a letter to 505 Obama Way, instead of 505 Broadway Avenue. The Post Office returned the letter with a hand written note asking that I not use Obama Way and to use Broadway Avenue instead.

The big issue is that for at least the first 6 months of 2019, at the corner of Del Monte and Broadway, there has been 'NO' Broadway signs at, but, there is one big Obama Way sign. While the City of Seaside has spent a lot of time and money fixing up and beautifying 'Broadway Avenue' they have dropped the ball regarding identifying Broadway Avenue as Broadway Avenue 'not' Obama Way.

I have been told by Seaside Streets Department that the Broadway sign for that corner has been on order. What?
In addition, as I walk down Lower Broadway, there is one intersection that has two Obama Way signs and no Broadway Avenue signs. The next intersection has one Broadway sign and two Obama Way signs. That same situation continues for many more blocks, even along Upper Broadway. This only adds to more confusion.

I have heard many stories about people from other cities nearby coming to Seaside to visit businesses on Broadway, but having a hard time finding Broadway. 


Ten years ago I addressed the Seaside City Council suggesting that there might be a better way to honor the first African/American to be elected President of the United States than to do something that would become confusing to people, which it has done.

My suggestion is to replace the commemorative Obama Way street signs with some other kind of honoring and recognition, like maybe a statue at Seaside City Hall or naming a city park, etc.

While I didn't vote for Obama, I do believe that the City of Seaside should honor him in some way or another. That is why I, personally, would donate $500.00 towards some kind of project like the ones I mentioned above.

For more information please feel free to call me at the Seaside Chamber of Commerce - (831) 394-6501
Thank you - Jim Vossen